Why Is Magento Go Shutting Down?

With Magento being such a popular platform, it’s very surprising that the Magento Go system has been shut down. But why is Magento Go shutting down? View top ecommerce platforms 

What’s Magento Go?

Magento Go was a hosted cloud-based version of the Magento ecommerce platform. This was designed to be a very easy way for anybody to launch a new store. There are plenty of similar companies offering these services, including Shopify. As site owners pay one monthly fee, there’s no need to organize web hosting.

When Did It Shut?

The Magento Go platform formally closed on the 1st of February 2016. At its peak it was home to about 10,000 stores. Magento Go tried to simplify the process of migrating accounts by partnering with Big Commerce. Even so, migrating accounts was quite complicated and time consuming.

Why is Magento Slow?

Why Did It Shut

Magento Go was discontinued when eBay became owners of Magento. They decided that the Go platform was a distraction and wasn’t popular enough to continue maintaining. There were some very good reasons why it wasn’t particularly popular with customers.

Firstly, Magento Go was too complicated for some people, and wasn’t powerful enough for others. It was stuck in the middle and wasn’t really aimed at any specific type of store owner.

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The reason why Magento platform is so popular is that it’s an open source and free. This means that site owners have the freedom to set their site up the way that they want to and make any change they fancy. However, with Magento Go, it was much more restrictive. You paid a monthly fee to rent the platform, but as you were tied into the service, you didn’t have that much flexibility.

Also, most cloud-based ecommerce platforms are aimed at smaller businesses. This was the case with Magento Go. This made it very difficult to upgrade the store to a standard Magento installation. Many found that Magento Go was a dead end. You were stuck with the platform unless you were prepared to start again from square one.


Although Magento Go has been discontinued, it’s not actually going to be missed that much. Both the free community and paid enterprise editions of Magento are still available and you can download and install on your own server. If you really want a hosted ecommerce solution, then there are still some companies around. These include Shopify and BigCommerce. Ecommerce Platforms


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