Why is Magento Slow?

Magento is a great eCommerce platform with lots of advanced features. It is the eCommerce platform of choice for many, and has become more popular than any other eCommerce system available at the moment. However, some people discover that their Magento installation is slow. There are a few potential things that could cause this.

Large Number of Products

Magento community edition works well with small catalogs. Although there isn’t an actual limit to the number of products supported, a very large catalog will slow things down significantly. If you have thousands of products in your store and find that it’s running slow, then this is certainly the cause. View Magento theme

The database code in Magento community edition is not very well optimized. There are some extensions which can be used to speed things up, but the best way is to upgrade to the enterprise edition.


Slow Web Host

Magento is a very demanding application, and so your hosting provider needs to be up to the task. Ensure that you choose a reliable web hosting company which has quality servers capable of running Magento at high speed. If you think your web host is the cause of your slow store, then consider switching host as soon as possible.

Check for Updates

If you’re running an outdated version of Magento, then this could be the reason your store is slower than it should be. Magento updates feature bug fixes and tweaks which optimize and speed up stores running the software.

Clean Logs

Magento is set up to store logs for 6 months, and this means that they can grow very large. As all of this information is stored in a database, the large logs can slow down your site significantly. You can empty these logs through the admin panel. It’s also possible to reduce the amount of time these logs are stored. In the admin panel click System, Configuration, Advanced, System, and Log. Use the options to remove the log and reduce the amount of time logs are saved.

Large Image Sizes

Images can slow a site down because they take longer to load. On average around half of the content on the page is images. This can be sped up by using lossless image compression. The TinyPNG extension will take care of this for you. It will compress the image without affecting the quality. By using this extension, the page load times should be faster.

Why Magento is Bad for Developers?


Slow sites can cost your business huge amounts of money. If your site is too slow to open and operate, then people will simply leave your site and look elsewhere. Remember, yours isn’t the only store on the internet; there is a lot of competition. Offer information quickly, or risk losing out. Ecommerce business



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